MindBodyMoney and Emilie Leyes Present...

The Resilient Self:
Brain Training Intensive

Join Emilie Leyes, Brain Training Specialist and creator of The Resilient Self in this 6 week, online program to rewire your brain and transform your life!

  • Change your brain and body's response to stress and gain tools to get out of a stress response
  • Break down subconscious limiting beliefs that block you from reaching your goals
  • Strengthen your creative brain and discover what's possible in your life without limitations (and adopt habits that will actually get you there!)

High Empathy Folks!

Do you feel chronic stress? Do you experience chronic fatigue? Do you feel like you take on the stress of everyone around you? Do you make fear-based decisions? Do you wish you had tools to help you navigate the way you experience stress in your life?

Develop the resilience tools that will help you thrive, regardless of challenges that come your way.

In this experiential, life-changing program, you will retrain your brain to...

  • Break out of chronic stress
  • Dismantle personal limitations and negative core beliefs
  • Learn to navigate and prevent 'high-empathy burnout'
  • Grow an unwavering sense of self-worth and confidence
  • Discover what's possible in your future without limits
  • Strengthen the parts of your brain responsible for creativity & imagination
  • Adopt habits and clear action steps that will lead you to your biggest goals
  • Gain tools to cope with the challenges of being a high-empathy person

In this interactive online program, you will get...


12+ hours of video content

At the beginning of each module week, you will receive a one-hour video that sets you up for success for the week. Each week you will explore a new way to understand what's happening in your brain (no science background needed!).

Then, on three days later, you'll receive a one-hour video that explores a session of practice, where you'll take that information and apply it in simple, life-changing mental exercises.

There is an additional, 30 minute orientation module released five days before Module 1 begins.

See full schedule below!


Brain Training Journal

You'll receive a beautiful spiral bound brain training journal (mailed to your door), that will guide you on your path to resilience.


A Daily Brain Training Practice

Each week, you will get a new mental practice to apply in your daily life (approx. 45 minutes per day), using a combination of journal prompts and guided audio practices to transform your brain!


The Resilient Self Community

You will go through this journey to resilience with fellow participants. You can connect with one another throughout the week using our Resilient Self group forum.

Optional Add-On

Weekly, 1 hour live group coaching calls with Emilie

Every week, join Emilie for a weekly LIVE group coaching call via Zoom.

This is your opportunity to ask questions in real time, share your experiences with fellow participants, gain insights directly from the creator of the program, and go through brain training practices and exercises together!

See pricing options below.

Optional Add-On

Weekly, 1 hour private coaching calls with Emilie

At a set weekly time, you will meet with Emilie for a private, 60 minute coaching session to directly apply your weekly brain training practices to your life and career, with the bonus of a personal accountability partner.

You can use this time to apply brain training to work through personal challenges and goals, undo chronic stress, gain career advice, or any other brain training-related concerns you may have!

See pricing options below.

Meet Emilie

Brain Training Specialist | Actor | Singer
Creator of The Resilient Self and The Resilient Actor programs

Emilie Leyes is a trained actor & singer, as well as the co-founder of MindBodyMoney LLC. With her extensive knowledge in stress, neuroplasticity and brain training modalities, she developed the Resilient Self brain training program to help high-empathy professionals break down personal barriers so they can pursue their goals with calm strength and certainty. 

After experiencing significant, seemingly untreatable health problems from childhood through college, she found the solution to her illness in brain training and she was able to eradicate her symptoms in a matter of weeks. After discovering the power of neuroplasticity, she began her studies in brain science to create a program for artists and high empathy folks to train their brains to overcome challenges, undo chronic stress, and transform their lives. She is currently on track to receive a Master's degree and PhD in Psychology (with specializations in Psychophysiology, and Integrative Health) to further her research in neuroplasticity, the mind-body connection, and self-directed resilience practices.

Payment Options

NOTE: These prices apply to individual participants. If you'd like to discuss costs of bringing The Resilient Self to your team, let us know in the contact form and we can chat about options!

*You must be 18 years or older to register.

The Resilient Self for Organizations

Are you looking for tools to help your team build resilience, gain tools to cope with stress, and establish a common language to communicate about challenges?

Contact us to discuss how we can bring The Resilient Self practices to your organization! We offer a variety of options:

  • In-person workshops
  • Online workshops
  • Half-day, full-day, and weekend retreats
  • Our full, Resilient Self 6-week online program with group calls for your team

The Resilient Self +
Live Coaching

Do you want to go through your brain training transformation with fellow high-empathy folks? Do you need extra accountability to stick to new routines and projects? Join our community coaching group!

  • Access to all online video content
  • Weekly module and practice session videos
  • Brain training journal
  • Access to the online Resilient Self community forum
  • Email communication with the MindBodyMoney team
  • Weekly live group Zoom calls with Emilie: a space to ask questions, experience brain training as a community, connect with fellow Resilient Self participants, and receive guidance and additional accountability in this process

$250/month for 6 Months

OR $1350 in full (save $150!)

The Resilient Self
Live Coaching +
Private Coaching

Are you working through a particular challenge? Are you exploring a career pivot? Are you looking for individualized coaching and personal accountability?

  • All Resilient Self Live Coaching features plus...
  • Private, weekly, 60-minute coaching calls with Emilie, where you can tailor your brain training practices to support what YOU want to work on

$450/month for 6 Months
OR $2350 in full (save $150!)

Flexible Payment Schedules

Don't see a plan that works for you? Let us know in the contact form and we'll work with you on creating a payment schedule that's best for you!

The Resilient Self: Week by Week

Note: While this program is delivered on a 6-week timeline,
you will have access to the modules for 6 months.

Your Time Commitment:

Video modules: Two hours/ week
Live coaching calls: One hour/ week (Scheduled with your team)
Your daily brain training practice: Approximately 45 minutes per day

A thirty minute orientation module will be released five days before the start of Week 1.

Week 1: Awareness

Learn the science behind how the brain works to understand why and how stress manifests in your body and the power you have to change your own brain

Implement a practice to help you maintain a neutral state in the face of challenges, to witness your thoughts as a non-judging observer, and to notice and be changed by the positive experiences you're already having

Week 2: Discovery

Learn about the ways that stress affects your life, and how to get to the root of your stress cycles and break out of them immediately

Implement a practice to uncover and dismantle deeply-rooted, limiting beliefs and stress cycles that inhibit your creativity, replace these beliefs with positive, supportive beliefs, and explore your inner strengths that support you in challenging moments

Week 3: Gratitude

Learn about the power of gratitude and neurochemical reward systems, how limiting beliefs show up in your life, and how to get out of a downward spiral

Implement a practice activate an automatic state of gratitude, recognize and interrupt stress the moment it comes up, and encourage your brain to make positive associations with habits that support your goals

Week 4: Visualization

Learn about mental rehearsal practices and the science behind how visualization changes your brain and creativity, and how to prime your brain to seek opportunities that lead you to your goals

Implement a practice to strengthen your imagination and creativity, explore possibilities in your life and career, and mentally rehearse future scenarios that you want to experience in your life

Week 5: Rehearsal

Learn how to apply brain training to face challenges with ease, how stress addictions persist in your life, and how to use brain training to process obstacles and barriers

Implement a practice that allows you to create a positive association with challenging elements in a high-empathy life, and explore tangible tools to reframe rejections and obstacles that block your pursuit of your goals

Week 6: Resilience

Learn how habits operate in the brain, how to replace chronic stress with resilience, and how to maintain a sense of calm strength, certainty, and confidence after the conclusion of this program

Implement a practice to encourage positive habits and break negative ones, take action on steps that will lead you to your personal goals, and make a fulfilling, healthy life inevitable for your future

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